OHPELRA's Sponsorship Structure


The Ohio Public Employer Labor Relations Association (OHPELRA) is the largest labor relations association in Ohio that strictly represents management's interests. With over 400 individual members, OHPELRA is comprised of a cross section of public sector employers at all levels, including the state, cities, counties, townships, local government agencies, colleges and universities, and public schools in Ohio. 

An OHPELRA sponsor is a significant partner in our education and training programs. OHPELRA typically hosts an Annual Training Conference (our signature event) in February, a summer workshop, scheduled during the summer months, and a one day Fall program, usually during September or October in Columbus. In some years, OHPELRA has added additional summer and Fall programs in order to support the educational needs of our membership. 

We value our sponsors tremendously and want to make sure that we provide the best value to you for the investment you make into this organization. To that end, we do recognize that the needs of each sponsor may differ from sponsor-to-sponsor depending on a multitude of conditions. In 2012, our board reviewed this situation and decided to introduce The Next Generation Sponsorship Structure. This new structure provides sponsors with the ability to choose a level of sponsorship that fits their organization best, including a reduced sponsorship fee for those sponsors that simply want the basics and an ala carte program that reduces costs for sponsors with multiple members and identifies and standardizes benefits. 

We hope you find The Next Generation Sponsorship Structure a great enhancement after well over a decade of no changes in the sponsorship fees or benefits. We offer three packages of access to these events to meet your business needs: OHPELRA sponsorship,All Access Sponsorship, and Premier OHPELRA Sponsorship. 

All Access Sponsorship - $1500

This package provides all of the benefits of the OHPELRA Sponsorship package and the following additional benefits:

  • One all access pass to all OHPELRA events with no additional registration fees (currently valued at $1000).
  • Access to the Resource Center at the OHPELRA Annual Training Conference.
  • Opportunity to distribute literature at the OHPELRA Annual Training Conference.
  • Recognition by the President/Session Moderators at the OHPELRA Annual Training Conference.
  • Contributions, with credit, for newsletter articles.

Premier OHPELRA Sponsorship - $2000

This is OHPELRA's signature package. You get all the benefits of the All Access Sponsorship plus one exclusive special recognition event as determined by the Board. Examples of a special recognition event are:

  1. Speaking engagement at an OHPELRA event,
  2. Host of a particular networking event at the Annual Training Conference, or
  3. Some other creative perk authorized by the Board. We will work with you to meet your business needs.

Whichever sponsorship package you choose, all sponsorship fees will be due by December 1 each year. If not paid, sponsorship will end February 1 of the current year, but don't worry, we'll contact you if you if payment hasn't been received and we are getting close to the deadline. 

Additional On-Site Presence

Additional On-Site Presence in addition to sponsorship fees. Sometimes you may wish to send more than one representative to an event. OHPELRA has taken an ala-carte approach to meet your business needs. You are always welcome to have your associate or yourself become a member and pay regular member registration fees. You may also choose to send a non-member at regular non-member registration fees. However, you may also pick and choose from the following options:

  • All Access Add-on Pass - $500. The all access add-on pass gives you one additional membership in OHPELRA and NPELRA. It also allows you to send one representative, at no additional charge, to any OHPELRA. This pass is at significant discount to the non-member rates.
  • Additional Sponsor/Guest Attendees at specific events:
    • ATC Monday or Tuesday Lunch - $25 each
    • ATC Super Bowl Party - $50
    • ATC Monday Reception & After Party - $100
    • ATC All Access Pass - $299
    • Summer Workshop Networking - $50
    • Fall Program Networking - $50

These a-la-carte fees are add-ons to one of the three levels of sponsorship fees in order to cover costs of additional persons at events. 

If you represent the interest of management in public sector human resources and labor relations, we invite you to join OHPELRA as a sponsor and welcome any opportunity for you to attend our seminars and conferences. To join OHPELRA as a sponsor, contact any of our board members or complete the Sponsor Application Form.