OHPELRA All-Access Sponsors

OHPELRA All-Access Sponsors

All Access Sponsorship - $1500.

This package provides all of the benefits of the OHPELRA Sponsorship package and the following additional benefits:

OHPELRA Sponsorship Package

  • Recognition on the OHPELRA website, www.ohpelra.org.
  • A link to your website from our website, www.ohpelra.org.
  • One annual membership in NPELRA and OHPELRA (currently valued at $215).
  • Recognition in OHPELRA's newsletters and on OHPELRA's conference binders and brochures.
  • Recognition on the Sponsor Sign Board at OHPELRA events.

OHPELRA All-Access Sponsorship additional benefits:

  • One all access pass to all OHPELRA events with no additional registration fees (currently valued at $599).
  • Access to the Resource Center at the OHPELRA Annual Training Conference.
  • Opportunity to distribute literature at the OHPELRA Annual Training Conference.
  • Recognition by the President/Session Moderators at the OHPELRA Annual Training Conference.
  • Contributions, with credit, for newsletter articles.

Whichever sponsorship package you choose, all sponsorship fees will be due by December 1 each year. If not paid, sponsorship will end February 1 of the coming year, but don't worry, we'll contact you if you if payment hasn't been received and we are getting close to the deadline.