What OHPELRA Does For You

In addition to the opportunity to interact with your peers, OHPELRA can provide you with the latest in information available in all aspects of human resources and labor relations in the public sector.

  • Our annual conferences provide up-to-the-minute developments in a broad array of human resources and labor relations topics.
  • Our specialized conferences provide a more in depth examination of specific topics vital to your work. 
  • Our state newsletter, specialized mailings and programs keep you aware of SERB and court decisions, trends in union activity, innovative new contract language and impasse resolution ideas, and also can help you select arbitrators and fact-finders. 
    Through our work together, we can can learn from one another and help each other with specific issues and questions.

Join OHPELRA today by completing a Membership Application on the NPELRA Website using Quick Link on this page.

When joining OHPELRA/NPELRA, you are agreeing to purchase a 1-year membership.

OHPELRA/NPELRA does not offer a refund for any membership.  Membership can be transferred within an agency.  If a duplicate payment, overpayment, or a payment error is made, funds will not automatically applied toward the next year's membership fees.


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Joint Membership with NPELRA

When you join OHPELRA, you also join the National Public Employer Labor Relations Association (NPELRA).  Joint membership in NPELRA provides information on national trends and news in labor relations, a lobbying voice in Washington, D.C., and news from other states to broaden the network. 

NPELRA is a network of state and regional affiliates with over 2,000 members around the country. The governmental agencies represented in NPELRA employ more than four million workers in federal, state, and local government.

NPELRA's members represent public employers in a wide range of areas, from management union contract negotiations to working with arbitrators under grievance and arbitration procedures. NPELRA strives to provide our members with high-quality, progressive labor relations advice that balances the needs of management, and the public interest.

NPELRA also works to promote the interests of public sector management in the judicial and legislative arenas and to provide opportunities for networking among members by establishing state and regional organizations throughout the country.

For more information regarding NPELRA visit