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Piecing it Together...Public Safety & Human Resources

Aug 29, 2018

8:30 a.m. (Registration opens at 8:00 a.m.)

Hey, you're used to stress at work, right?  I mean, you work in public safety.  Basically, your job often deals directly with people on their worst day.  Many of you run into burning buildings while the rest of us are running out.  A whole bunch of you are dealing with someone who, let's just say, isn't exactly pleased to see you with your pretty bracelets and all.  Let's not forget those who wait around for a telephone call from someone who is always in a crisis or the folks who those of you who drag people out of crashed vehicles or are thumping on someone's chest a lot of times.

Well, you may or may not be doing that kind of work because you are now a manager or a supervisor, but as you have learned or will learn in that role, the front line public safety professional hasn't cornered the market on stress or facilitating the best outcome out of bad situations.  Managing and supervising employees is no picnic and often times making the wrong call means ongoing workplace problems or being on the wrong end of a grievance or lawsuit.

That's where OHPELRA can help you to piece it together.  The OHPELRA Public Safety Program - Piecing it Together...Public Safety & Human Resources is built for you.  Come learn how to manage the tricky legal requirements of the FMLA and ADA and avoid discriminatory behavior.  Find out what strategies you can employ for handling Fitness for Duty issues.  AND, don't miss the case study of a real life sexual harassment investigation that resulted in discipline in a fire department with major implications for the department and its personnel.

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