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Spring 2016
OHPELRA's 32nd ATC a "Groovin" Success
Fall 2015
Summer Workshop: What's Hot This Summer - The latest on HB56 and SB 5
Spring 2015
The 31st Annual Training Conference, 'The Power to Take on All Challenges' Was a Huge Success
Fall 2014
Plans Finalized For The 31st Annual Training Conference
Spring 2014
HEALTH CARE REfORM: Implications for Your Health Benefit Programs & Bargaining Agreements
Winter 2014
30th Annual Training Conference Planning Finalized
Fall 2013
A Fantastic Fall Conference Line-Up Slated
Spring/Summer 2013
Award of Excellence and Pacesetter Award Winners; Upcoming Events
Winter 2013
Fall Conference 2012 Wrap Up
Fall, 2012
Register Now for the Fall Conference: Ethics And Social Media for Smart People
Spring, 2012
Headline: OHPELRA offers Summer Workshop on Friday, June 8, 2012
Winter, 2012
Headline: Register Now For The 2012 Annual Training Conference
Fall, 2011
Headline: REGISTER NOW! OHPELRA FALL PROGRAM: Finding Solid Ground in the New Ohio Public Sector Employment Environment (November 18, 2011)
Summer, 2011
Headline: REGISTER NOW For The Summer Program. It's Free To Members!
Winter, 2011 | Attachment
Headline: REGISTER NOW for the 27th Annual Training Conference!
Fall, 2010
Headline: Fall Program Preview
Summer, 2010
Headline: Ohio's Jan Campbell Lanza Takes Helm As NPELRA President
Winter, 2010
Headline: Register Now for the 2010 OHPELRA Annual Training Conference, February 7-9, OHPELRA Lights the Way Through Old Issues and New Challenges
Fall, 2009
Headline: OHPELRA's Can't Miss Fall Program - October 2, 2009
Summer, 2009
Headline: Register Now!! Summer Program - Free to Members!
Winter, 2009
Headline: Register Now!! Celebrate 25 Years of OHPELRA at the Annual Training Conference
Fall, 2008
Summer, 2008
Headline: OHPELRA's Summer Program: You Be the Arbitrator and Religious Discrimination
Winter, 2008
Headline: OHPELRA's 24th Annual Training Conference Is Coming Soon — Register Today!
Fall, 2007
Headline: Register Now For Ohpelra's Fall Seminar — Living With The FMLA
Spring-Summer, 2007
Headline: Annual Training Conference a "Big Win"
Fall, 2006
Headline: Academies I & III And "The Arbitration Seminar" Huge Success
Spring, 2006
Headline: Arbitration Symposium to Cap-Off Academies
Winter, 2006
Headline: Don't Miss OHPELRA's 22nd Annual Training Conference!
Fall, 2005
Headline: Employment Testing for Civil Servants, Law Enforcement, Fire and Others
Winter, 2005
Headline: Join OHPELRA for the 21st Annual Training Conference
Fall, 2004
Headline: OHPELRA Summer Workshop On Labor Relations A Huge Success
Spring/Summer, 2004
Headline: OHPELRA Welcomes New Board Members
Winter, 2004
Headline: OHPELRA Celebrates 20th Anniversary Annual Conference
Fall, 2003
Headline: OHPELRA'S Fall Seminar Tuesday, November 4, 2003
Summer, 2003
Headline: NPELRA Annual Conference — Smaller Can Still Be Successful
Winter, 2003
Headline: OHPELRA's Annual Conference is Coming Soon — Don't Miss It!
Fall, 2002
Headline: Hold The Dates For OHPELRA's 19th Annual Training Conference
Spring/Summer, 2002
Headline: OHPELRA Welcomes New Board Members
Winter, 2002
Headline: Join us for the 18th Annual Training Conference
Spring/Summer, 2001
Headline: Watch Those E-mails—They May Be A Public Record
Winter, 2001
Headline: OHPELRA Fall Symposium Draws Record Crowd
Fall, 2000
Headline: OHPELRA's Fall Program Offers Answers For Dealing With The Problem Employee

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